Friday, November 24, 2006

Whose Fault?

In a large well known and flourishing company, a young employee is hired. He is eager, sincere and wants to contribute and learn. In his first year, he is told that he is entitled to some “medical expenses” as part of his perks. Our young man is in good health and doesn’t claim any expenses.

In his second year, the office Accountant, reminds him again, that his medical expenses are yet to be claimed. Young man explains his situation and his inability to claim “medical”. The Accountant then explains to our young man – the modus operandi to claim the money. “Go to a chemist cum general store, buy some home use articles, and ask the chemist for a bill for medicines and claim the money” Our young man does exactly that – and gets his money. Needless to add – he continues his practice year after year. Not just that – he “helps” other young men like him to “claim their rightful dues”

So whose fault do you find here?

The Accountant – who really is the door-keeper, yet knowingly misguides the young man. He probably eased his conscience by thinking that he was “only helping”?

The young man, who probably was in need of the money? Yet he ought to have realized that he was doing wrong. Perhaps he thought, he was entitled to it anyways.

The chemist who made a faulty bill? Probably he has made countless such faulty bills that his conscience was buried far too deep under them.

The Company for setting its rules so loosely and not having any check posts to catch wrong-doers? Or did the Company ‘want’ its employees to claim some ‘tax-free’ money? Just its way of rewarding employees. But doesn’t that mean that the Company is cheating the government?

Or all of them, in varying degrees?

Leave me your opinion...


At 7:20 AM, Blogger Trauma Queen said...

hi say naa something....thanks for dropping profile reminds me of lynette from desperate housewives ;)

about ur post - i entirely agree with's the same story everywhere i guess..I claim for medical cos i buy anti-allergy meds every month...but what upsets me is how my chemist charges extra for 'tax' whenever i ask for a bill. As it is the medicines by themselves have a tax value..but what is this xtra 'tax' for bills?? sum weird way of asking for a bribe in case you ever want false bills???? i do not know...

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Alan said...

Is this something out of a business ethics course? I can't understand why the accountant would even care if the employee had medical expenses. Unless this is to use up the balance of an FSA account.

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Twisted DNA said...

The problem these things are so common in India, we sometimes forget that this in fact is an ethical issue. I think everybody who is involved in the process is guilty!

At 12:24 AM, Blogger Rohini said...

You forgot to mention the government. The salaried people feel persecuted since they have they tax deducted at source at increasing levels while the rest of the taxable public happily evades. And teh guilt is further reduced by the fact that the tax monies we do pay are used so very suboptimally...

At 10:57 PM, Blogger Something to Say said...

TQ - Desperate Housewife? LOL - at least call me Desperate Home maker ;)

Alan, its a very typical happening in India - wherein the Accountants feel its their duty to help other employees to claim medical expenses.
TD, Rohini it happens so often in India - we probably turn a blind eye to such occurances.


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