Friday, July 13, 2007

Sonny's Antics

I’ve realized I’ve ended up passing around my depression – by writing a bit too much about life here. For a change I’m going to write about sonny :)

My own Shabri:
The Ramayan tells of the story of Shabri. Shri Ram was to visit her ashram in the jungle and she wanted to serve only the choicest, ripest, sweetest fruits and berries to him. So she bit into each one of them to ensure only the sweetest ones were served to him. Of course, Shri Ram realized the extent of her ‘bhakti’. My own lil Shabri here is sonny – he takes a bite of the chicken and/or veggies then removes it from his mouth and promptly offers it to me. My vehement nos are disregarded and it is stuffed into my mouth. If I am far away and he cant reach my mouth – he simply tosses it onto the floor – from where I have to rescue the poor food.
Hubby’s take, of course, is – its either your mouth or the bin.

Aye Taa:
That’s what passes off in sonny land for “yeh kya?” or whats this? Every lil thing – is questioned. Especially cars – each time a car passes I have to offer some comment on it ‘grey car’ or ‘chevrolet tahoe’ or ‘white pick-up’. And you can well imagine the speed with which I have to speak on highways – trying to keep up the descriptions as cars whiz by us. Each stationary car is touched and I have to name each part – headlights, tail lights, number plates, the works.

Sonny has fallen for books on the rebound. I just have to say ‘lets read’ and he just races across the room into my lap – ready to read anything that has pictures in it – including the newsletter that the compound sends us. Everyday, n number of times a day – and sonny is still not tired. Every time he does that – I send up a silent prayer for his renewed love for books.

The Student becomes the Teacher:
One good investment, we’ve made, is a black board, cum white board from Ikea. So I write alphabets and numbers – and he says ‘aye taa’ and I say them aloud for him. To check if he’s understood – I ask him ‘where’s B?’ and he points it out or ‘where’s F?’ and he’ll point out. So I presumed he was getting the alphabets. A few days ago – I made some drawings – and sat down to check my mail. I kept hearing ‘aye taa’ in the background – and would look up to answer. Laziness struck after a while and kept repeating house or sun. The ‘aye taa’ become sharper almost strict, I mumbled sun again – and an aye taa accompanied by the sound of chalk hitting the black board told me – he was asking about something else. So now he quizzes me about alphabets and numbers. If I’m wrong – the aye taa is repeated. Third time wrong the aye taa is sharp and strict and I hear the chalk hitting the board. Guess who is the student now.

My lil helper:
You can well imagine the amount of time sonny spends in the kitchen. For now if I say ‘get out mamma’s tea saucepan’ and in a flash – its taken out. Hubby of course believes I’m making a girl out of his lil man.

Out of sight:
As you can well imagine – sonny has a few toys here with him – we improvise with the ones he has here. His latest development is – once he’s finished playing with a toy he just slides it under the couch or under the TV table. Out of sight! So no toys littering the floor. Of course he also forgets that its there – and when the maid brings them out – he is most delighted. But I am impressed at his ability to ‘clean-up’ after his play. So now we’ve got him a toy basket from Ikea – it’s a tall mesh basket that stands up – and he can put his toys in there once he’s finished. Lets see if he uses this one – or still prefers sliding them under the couch.



At 3:24 PM, Blogger Kodi's Mom said...

I like the student-teacher thing the best! start paying attention, S2S!

At 9:43 AM, Blogger ~nm said...

I waws laughing out loud at the "My own shabri" incident! It reminded me of the days when my son would do the same to me! And how angry he would get if I refused it! hehehe..

"The student becoems the teacher" was too good too! The kids these days for sure are too smart than we can imagine!

Post some pics of your sonny boy soon!

At 12:52 AM, Blogger Itchingtowrite said...

cute. the shabari thingiee happens to us also..

At 2:24 AM, Blogger Just Like That said...

hahahaha loved the student-teacher interaction. No siestas allowed in sonny land!!

At 12:43 AM, Blogger karmickids said...

The shabri anecdote was priceless...and we moms are such suckers, we eat everything they reject and it goes straight to our waistlines...

At 4:05 PM, Blogger mommyof2 said...

so cute:-) My hubby thinks the same about my son working in the kitchen.. I don't think its bad.. do you?

At 4:06 PM, Blogger mommyof2 said...

btw did u say you have a maid? full time? Just curious;-)

At 7:06 AM, Blogger the mad momma said...

oh yeah ... i think we're all used to eating masticated food too now! identified with every bit of the post.. and though i enjoy ur other posts, i love the mommy posts the most!


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