Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Buffet Rules

I’m not a very large eater and yet I love the concept of a buffet. SO many dishes, one flat price – who wouldn’t like to eat at one. And yet to fully enjoy a buffet, one needs to have a strategy – to do – poora paisa vasool (full value for money).

Here’s my strategy:

1. Never go to a buffet if you are in a rush. A buffet for a working lunch just doesn’t work. You need at least 2-3 hours to do justice to a buffet.

2. Wear a comfort fit trousers. One that can stretch with the tummy. A la Joey in Friends (who wears Phoebe’s pregnant trousers to attend Monica’s Thanksgiving dinner). Better still wear a salwar khameez. The drawstring in the salwar can be loosened at will.

3. Skip the soup. Soups typically are meant to line up your stomach. But they also fill up the stomach pretty fast, leaving little space for the rest of the stuff.

4. Go easy on the salads. Although very wholesome and healthy, they too fill you up pretty fast. And as my aunt-in-law admonished me at my wedding reception, “ghaas poos ghar pe khaana. This is no time to chew a piece of cucumber.”

5. Before you fill your plate, do a quick scan of the items on the table. Just so you know what all there is on offer. SO you know what to pounce on.

6. Skip the breads (naan, parathas, rotis) and rice: Why bother trying to fill your tummy with these when there are other things on offer. Of course the strategy might not work, if there are curries and dals on offer and you skip the rice.

7. Choose what you eat with care. Why bother with the potato bhaji when there is avial on offer?

8. Take a look at the desserts. Rock hard gulab jamuns and down in the dumps kheer are not worth leaving valuable tummy space.

9. A lot of buffets include free beverages. We all know that gassy drinks take up more tummy space. Skip them. Stick with water – tiny lil sips of water.

10. Learn from the veterans. The ones who are taking second servings. They’ve already tasted the stuff and are going for the stuff they’ve liked in round 2.



At 9:10 AM, Blogger How do we know said...

hmmm... so u r a veteran of how many buffets? ;-)

Nice post!

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Random Vignettes said...

Nice one! I can see my hubby K taking a print out of this and putting it up on the fridge!

At 11:37 AM, Blogger WhatsInAName said...

lol :)
Great tips! I have learnt it the hard way. Had too much of soft drinks once and had no space for the main course!
Agree about the dessert too :) Hard jamuns are surely not worth it!

At 12:54 PM, Blogger Hip Grandma said...

I'll remember.thanks

At 1:06 PM, Blogger ~nm said...

Hehehe..what a compilations!

It sure will come in to the rescue for a foodie like me!

At 7:44 PM, Anonymous Twisted DNA said...

LOL, you are as devious as I am :)

The other tip is, browse the menu first and compare with the buffet and find out the priciest items features on the buffet and start from there :)

You have buffets in Saudi?

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 10:49 PM, Blogger Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! I have a huge sweet tooth, so I prefer buffets that have a nice array of desserts. I have been known to have an entire meal with just the sweet dishes! :-)

At 2:39 AM, Blogger Just Like That said...

LOL great tips. I too bypass the ghaas phoos. Much rather drool on the desserts, which somehow don't form part of a typical working day lunch/dinner, tho starters and other stuff do.
The next buffet I go to, am going to remember you.. :-)

At 6:23 AM, Blogger Poppins said...

LOL Nice one STS ! Will keep in mind:)

At 6:48 AM, Blogger Just Like That said...

hey, is Knicks-whatever somebody you know? And is that website for real?

At 3:46 PM, Blogger annie said...

Another pointer i can think of:

Making sure that one doesn't have a heavy meal(s) before landin up at a buffet..Just starve n then gorge on food n njoi wholesome buffet ;)

At 8:23 PM, Blogger Alan said...

We generally skip buffets, as it's nice to be waited on. However there is one buffet at a place called Kanishka's not far from work. The gang and I go there at least once a month. We pretty much follow the rules you've posted. Although, I always take a small naan. I love it with raita.


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