Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sonny School Developments - Week 1

People have told me - that the first day at school passes off fairly easily. Its Day 2 thats the bigger problem. The first day the child has no clue how long he has to stay in school, what is expected of him, etc. By Day 2 he is fairly aware, and hence even more difficult to deal with.

We had our own set of issues on Day 2. None of which we were warned about.

Day 2, sonny was sent to school as usual. Like Day 1 he happily got dressed and walked to school. A tiny lil wail and then all quiet. Hubby and I were fairly pleased with this rapid progress. 10am I get a call from the school's director. She wants to know if sonny is toilet trained yet. Yes, of course, I tell her. She tells me sonny has had an accident at school. Apparently, he had a poop job, luckily he was in his pull-up. The problem happened when they took him to the bathroom to get cleaned up. Sonny screamed blue murder, refused to sit on the adult toilet seat and got his clothes all completely soiled. Anyways, not to worry, she says, we've cleaned him up, he's fine now. I wonder what her defination of 'fine' is.
When I pick up sonny a while later, the teacher agrees with me, it could be because sonny is used to a kiddies seat at home, while the school only has the regular adults pot. She urges me to get sonny trained ASAP on the adults seat.

I have a niggling worry about exactly what would have happened at the school toilet. Sonny is normally not a tantrum-y child. For him to raise hell, he must have been through hell.

My various questions about what happened at school get no replies from sonny. The day passes off uneventfully. The night is a different issue all together. Sonny cried a lot in his sleep, woke many a times and had to be soothed back into sleep. Its like he kept having many bad dreams. By morning, he was running a mild temperature. If either hubby or I felt, it was related to the previous day's experience at school, we didnt tell each other. But we did agree that sonny was to be kept home.

By afternoon, sonny's temperature was gone. He was his normal happy self. He slept well at night. The next morning, he told me, his mouth was hurting. I checked and re-checked his mouth, his gums, teeth, as much of the throat as I could see - nothing. If sonny was making something up - this was the the very first time. And I had to give him the benefit of doubt. Besides he did have a mild temperature. For a second day, we kept sonny at home. Again by afternoon, he was fine.

The following day, was the last day of the week. There was a weekend following and 2 weeks of Spring/Easter Break. Sonny refused to get up in the morning - telling me he was very sleepy. What the hell, I thought, let him stay at home. And so sonny stayed at home.

Looking back, I dont know, if sonny made up any of those teeth/gum/throat aches. He did run a temperature - though people tell me, fear can often create a temperature in kids. He showed no fear or reluctance to use the bathroom at home. Experienced moms tell me, sonny could well have had some trauma (how I hate that word), from his experience at school. His poop-smeared clothes do tell me that he must've put up some resistance to get poop all over his shirt and pants.

So thats how ended Week 1 in sonny's school experience. He stayed at home more than at school. No that does not bother me one bit. What does bother me, is what did happen in that bathroom? What did my child go through? I know its not life scarring and its not all THAT major. Yet, what did happen? And did the following 3 days of school reluctance in any way point towards the school experience?

I guess, 2 weeks later when school would re-open would give me all the answers.



At 7:09 AM, Blogger Rohini said...

Hey, welcome back. And congratulations on the pregnancy!!!

At 2:30 PM, Blogger Tharini said...

Oh boy! A little worrisome. I'd want to know too what happened in that bathroom. Did you ask them, like grill them for it? Saying you need to know so you can help him get over some of his resistance to school?

It does sound like his fever could be related to the stress of his 2nd day there. It wud just be a physical manifestation of his being upset.(?)

I hope you are able to find out and that helps you to help him the best possible way.

*fingers crossed* for a better second week. Inshallah, everything will smoothen out quickly.

At 5:30 AM, Blogger Poppins said...

Ooh boy are you like making up for your absence from the blogging scene or what? I'm totally enjoying reading all your posts.
But this one.
It's a bit worrisome, but I doubt if it's anything serious (read abuse related).

This must be his way of showing you that he doesn't quite like being away from you. Other kids cry he rebels, quietly. I hope everything smooths out pretty soon, meanwhile try and get the big job out of the way before school starts. So what if he has to go late.

And that lady who asked you if you left him to stay the whole day on the first day of school - shaddup!

At 6:28 AM, Blogger Just Like That said...

I too wonder what happened in the bathroom? But i don't think it was abuse ...
I think kids are very sensitive about exposing themselves to strangers. Sonny boy hated letting the maid (initially before he got used to her) wash him, after doing potty. In school, one day the first week, the Princi told me he pooped in his pants, and this from someone who was toilet trained! He was sure upset about something, but I guess it was more to do with being left alone consecutively... the second week, he was back to enjoying school.
Hope sonny gets used to his school and enjoys it too. It is so much easier on us Moms- not haivng to worry about that!


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