Monday, August 13, 2007

Any one got any tips?

I am writing to ask my fellow-moms for any advice they would have on these issues I have.

Issue 1: Colors
How do I teach my sonny colors? He's mastered the alphabets, numbers (1 to 10) and shapes pretty soon. But he just wont learn colors. We have a color book and so I showed him blue, then I asked him "what else is blue?". And I pointed to his pants, "sonny's pants are blue". He understood and so on for the others. That evening when I quizzed him whats blue, he pointed to his pants again. The next day, again whats blue, he points to his pants again. But this time his pants were brown. Obviously he'd assumed, pants were called blue. "No, no I said, your pants are brown". He heard the word brown and ran and pointed to the sofa - which I had termed as brown the previous day. And now when I start to teach him colors - he looks pretty confused.
Is it true then, that boys are color-blind? Or is there a better way to teach them colors?

Issue 2: Stories
We've just purchased 2 story books for sonny. The books he had so far - were really words and pictures. The moment we sit to read - he says no and runs off. Or he wants to turn all the pages and see all the pictures. Its not like he doesnt like stories. I narrated 'lion and the mouse' which he sat still - for 3 mins exactly. And when we ask him "what does a lion do?", he roars back at us. Its just that he wont sit with a book for the story. I'm told this is a phase too. But anyone got any better ideas - coz I just loose it when he start riffling through the pages of the story book (I'm afraid he'll tear the book). I read out the stories in Hindi to him -and I point to the pictures. But thats not helping. Any advice?

Issue 3: Veggies
Dont roll your eyes at the title. I was one of the few moms who could say, "my son eats veggies". Could being the word. When we were in India - he had a bout of loosies - at which his doc asked us to cut back all fiber. We just fed him rice and dal and chicken. Immediately post that we left for riyadh - the hotel didnt have veggies cooked the Indian way - so again no veggies for sonny. By the time we got to a home - a month had passed. He kept refusing veggies and me, pre-occupied with settling down, etc ignored the issue. its been 2 months since - and he still wont eat the same veggies, which he earlier ate with relish.
Jaelithe suggested that kids be allowed to see food - in a context away from eating. So let them play with the food. Good enough. When sonny strolled into the kitchen as I chopped veggies for food - I handed him a piece of capsicum and potato - he promptly put the raw stuff into his mouth and even faster spat them out.
I keep trying to sneak it into his morsel - along with the chicken (which he eats like there's no tomorrow) but he just spits out the entire morsel. So fearing that he wont eat anything, if I keep sneaking veggies into his morsel, I just feed him roti with chicken.
But you know, its not healthy. More importantly, I dont want to 'sneak' in the veggies. I want him to eat it - like he wants to. Like he did earlier.
Anyone got any advice???



At 7:42 AM, Blogger Itchingtowrite said...

me 1st.. but i was hoping some advice wud hav come up. me facing the same problem with teh stories (hav drafted the post already). mine don't have much patience with books at this stage. they like the picture book and like to point at the animals with their version of bark/ roar. but that's abt it.
and no i dont think color blind is the issue. at 2 plus my brother knew all colors. and much more. i think it is a matter of time. mine started doing jigsaw very suddenly and they r becoming a pro now.. one day they ll decide to just do it! i think same with veggies. my bro used to not eat at all. today the story is v different. one fine day he started eating well but it took time.. can't u give it to him in the form of clear soup or boil along with khichdi .. so that a subcomscious taste develops?? or atleast he wud be getting the goodness of the veggies even if not the fibre or the actual veggie

At 9:58 AM, Blogger GettingThereNow said...

As for the colors and stories - he is just two. Granted many children learn colors earlier, but if he is not interested, give him time. Keep telling him what color different things are (as opposed to sitting down with him to teach him). Same for stories. My daughter did the same - I don't remember what age she was - when I first started reading stories to her. Now she is a voracious reader - just finished the first Harry Potter book by herself in 2 days flat! Just let him be around books. Leave them where he can see them. And yes, if you teach him to take better care of the books, that will last a lifetime - but again, it will take time. Children this old can understand "No", so when ever he turns the pages too fast or does anything else to damage a book, just show him how to do it. It will take a looooong while. My daughter is 8 and I am still reminding her of a few things that I started quite some time back (like DO NOT bend the cards in you card game :P)

Veggies. That is a difficult one fo rme because I neve had to deal with that problem. Maybe now Baby M will show me that too :D But if you sneak it in with other food and he still spits it out, then maybe he doesn't like the taste. Try cooking it in a different way. And keep trying. I don't know if he is old enough (I don't remember what age did my daughter was when I did this) but tell him he can have rest of his food any way he wants if he tries a couple bites of the vegetable. Or give it to him with yogurt if he likes it. My daughter eats some of the "yucky" veggies (like karela) with yogurt to mask the taste. I have this rule in my home - you have to try everything on the dinner table even if you don't like it. My daughter has started eating quite a few things she didn't like earlier because everytime she ate two bites, she got used to the taste a little. I am telling you this worked on my husband too - so you still have hope :P

Sorry for the long comment. Guess I will go back to my blog and do a post on it :D

At 12:39 PM, Blogger DotMom said...

just keep at it. what might help is point to similar objects in differnt colors (blue circle, green circle). it all just clicks one day.. don't push him too hard. My almost 27 mo knows his colors and numbers, but only recites the alphabet despite I don't know how many tries.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Kodi's Mom said...

I cant help with #3 - as you know from my rants on the same.

colors - It seems as if Sunny is on step 1 to get there. thats exactly what K did at first and few weeks later, the color concept just clicked. two books that helped:
Beyond that, I wouldn't push him into it. Just sprinkle in color-talk here and there and it will come.

stories - same here. anything with more than 4-5 lines a page and he wants nothing to do with it. how about act out the story, draw it, talk about it (like the lion roar), sing a song from it and when he knows the sequence of events by heart, introduce the book. maybe he can connect to it better, then?

At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Twisted DNA said...

"Issue 1: Colors"
Keep trying and he will learn sooner or later. Don't panic :) Whether he learns them quickly or not is not an indication of anything!

"Issue 2: Stories"
What worked for me is, I make up stories for him with the words he knows. Like the spoon and the plate go out to walk and meet the fork and they dance. It will be interesting for him if he knows the words. Then slowly introduce the new words and concepts. You could introduce the characters of the book in a slow way then may be he will be interested in the book.

"I'm afraid he'll tear the book"
He will. Buy a book that doesn't tear :)

Issue 3: Veggies"
That's a though one. Did you try steaming them? They are very tasty that way.

At 12:14 AM, Blogger The Perfect 10 said...

Colours: Well, if he registered the blue and brown, he does not seem to be colour blind.. so it is jut a matter of time..
Stories: My brother did not have patience to read until he was 16.. So I think 2.3 is a bit too early...
Veggies: Well, in general STS, methinks that you should let your child eat what he / she likes best.. I did not like eating veggies till I was 26, but I think I turned out just fine. Inspite of my skeletal appearance in the good old days of our katta, I remember that I was still among the strongest of the lot, this due to a diet of fish, chicken, egg, dahi, roti, dal and rice, milk etc.... This is a good enough diet.. So please stop worrying about the veggies.. On the other hand, does he like soups? In which case, you could ground the veggies really to a point where there is no solid mass left, and see if he will have the soup.... And just an aside, I have not yet forgiven my mom for trying to sneak green peas in my samosas, or trying to tell me that the yams/sweet potatos that she made were actually normal potato patties.. Do not even try this..

At 5:24 AM, Blogger WhatsInAName said...

Oh well!
I have gone through the stage long back. Dont really remember.

But yeah, I did struggle while teaching colors. So, what I did was whenever we went out, kept adding the colour as adjective "red car", "blue packet", "green leaves" etc. I guess they learn with time.

As for stories, I think just keep reading it out. Some day he will get it right that "books are meant for reading"

Veggies... dont ask me :( I am still struggling in that department! Sigh!

Parenting is so tough!!!

At 2:12 PM, Blogger Poppins said...

Colors - Poppin is almost two and only know Yellow and Green. They will learn soon enough.

Books- Each baby is different. Try different books, something may catch his eye.

Not much to say about Veggies, although another commenter's idea of soups sounds good.

At 3:43 AM, Blogger Just Like That said...

Pliss. Not to worry at all. Everything will fall in place once the time comes.

Sonny boy used to have a yellow sun, yellow grass, yellow water, yellow everything once upon a time. Later green intervened, but he remained stuck at yellow and geen for a long while. Now he knows all the colours PAT.

Books- get him some thick papered books that can be left to him. they are wear-and-tear resistant.. and will get him used to turning over the pages with less damage.And just continue reading to him. Gradually he will get to enjoy it.

Veggies- tough call here, Momma. prob, you could start off with carrots/potatoes which absorb that chickeny masala better, and taste like chicken...? *doubtful look*

At 5:47 AM, Blogger Usha said...

I found the post and all the advice and suggestions very interesting. I cannot remember how my son learnt colours or ate veggies - I am so old..whooooaaaaa!
seriously I had a few suggestions which other moms and dads have already told you. And don't be upset about these, they will outgrow all this when they mix with other children. Then they want to do exactly what the others are doing - books, veggies everything.

At 8:14 AM, Blogger Sunita said...

I am here to find out what others have to say...I am just getting there but helps to know.

At 2:18 PM, Blogger SM said...

Stories: Same idea as Kodi's mom, i enacted a lot of stories to get Ananya's attention, and although i can say that she likes books and stories now, her attention span is not very long.
Veggies: Are u making the veggies seperately for sonny? Less spicy? Try spicing it up a little? Ananya will eat anything if I sprinkle a little chat masala on it in front of her eyes.

At 5:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never commented before but have been reading your blog for sometime now, its a different world you are living in.Hats off to have adapted to the new place with restrictions so well. I am stay at home desi mom.
Vegetables: I grate vegetables and add it dosa batter/idli batter/roti dough. So sometimes we have green dosa (spinach) orange idli (carrot) etc.
Don't worry about colours, he will get it. Don't sit and force it on him, when you go out talk to him about the green leaves,blue water, his black hair etc.


At 6:28 AM, Blogger artnavy said...

i am with u on the colour issue

anush is worse- she knows no other colour than yellow- everything is yellow for her

have looked ta all teh suggestions

At 3:37 PM, Blogger the mad momma said...

errr..i've tried every veggie suggestion on earth and my son still pulls it out of his rice/ noodles and says ganda hai. what do i do??? *bangs head against wall in frustration *

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