Thursday, March 08, 2007

Changing Times of Sonny

Before we embarked on our India trip, we were hopeful that sonny would open up and expand his vocab beyond the few words that he babbles. While talking still seems some distance away, sonny has learn t this:

  • He grabs his grand-father’s hand off the computer mouse and marches off with him outside the house for a stroll.
  • No matter how long we are outside the house – he wants to go out again
  • Just the sound of the door opening, is enough to get sonny from any corner of the house running to the door.
  • He bats his eyelids, pulls onto her kurta and generally follows the house-help around the house. Mind you, this is the same house-help, who, he was petrified of, when we got here.
  • The mirror is his new friend. He can spend many minutes smiling at his image, making faces and licking the mirror (yeah go figure that one)
  • He is fascinated by the fan. Just the sound of the fan whirring is enough to get him all excited. He’ll stand under it and stare at it non-stop.
  • Stranger anxiety is a thing of the past. Lil Master Flirty bats his lashes and offers a hand-shake at anyone who proffers a smile.
  • He just has to get into corners – the dirtier the better.
  • He’s learnt to lock the door (o dear god!)
  • He loves kids his age – he can play catch till he drops down completely tired.
  • He seems terribly interested in what we're eating - and will take a bite no matter how full he is.
  • He's realized that he is an individual too - so temper tantrums and digging heels into the ground are fairly common

And some things are still the same:

  • He is still afraid of water being poured on his head during a bath.
  • He still wants his Ma to feed him and put him to sleep
  • He still cant self-feed.
  • He still babbles - a lot more than before - but still no clear words.



At 1:16 AM, Blogger iz said...

That's a heart-warming post! Makes me want to have a baby!

At 2:59 AM, Blogger Has to be me said...

He sounds a lot similar to my daughter! How old is ur sonny?! Enjoy this stage while it lasts! :)

At 9:59 AM, Blogger Orchid said...

here we are forced to keep kids indoors most of the time and there they get to go out as often as they love it in India, don't long is your stay ?

At 7:54 PM, Blogger Fuzzylogic said...

"He grabs his grand-father’s hand off the computer mouse and marches off with him outside the house for a stroll"- Aww..I bet the grandpa doesn't mind that one bit:)
Do let me know when the little one gets over that fear of pouring water over the head,mine screams her little head off when I try to shampoo her hair.Enjoy your stay!

At 7:24 AM, Blogger Something to Say said...

iz: The you must read tharini's post on birthing :)

Has to be me: Sonny is now 21 months old. :)

orchid: I plan to be here another month - lets see how sonny takes to the heat here... but you're right - sonny just loves the outdoors - he's been cooped up there - all winter long!

fuzzy: Grandpa loves it :)

At 5:11 AM, Blogger The Mad Momma said...

oh.. the temper tantrums... mine too.. just a month older than yours so i guess this is what they talk abt when the mean the terrible twos... hang in there.. we'll get through it together...


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