Saturday, September 08, 2007


What is life, without moments? Some stay with you forever. Here are a few that I can never forget.

Scariest Moment Ever:
I was 8 months pregnant. We lived in Montreal, in a house, where the first floor (or ground floor - as we say in India) was occupied by our landlord and landlady - a very caring yet old couple. WE lived on the floor above. There were 2 entrances, which were interconnected, so to give us the privacy of moving about on our own, our landlady usually kept the connecting door closed.
One weekend, the landlady's son came to visit his with his 2 dogs. I am petrified of dogs. Hubby asked landlady to keep the dogs out of the way, since I was huge and scared to boot. We were leaving for a friends place, through our door, when I heard the dogs bark, especially loud. I was commenting to hubby how the dogs must feel being indoors, when the connecting door flew open and out bounded a huge German Shepard. Instinct took over common sense and I turned and ran up the stairs. There are about 14 stairs that lead up to our house upstairs and the door to our house was locked. I could see the door and my brain yelled - now where are you going to run? Before I could reach the door, I tripped and fell. Again instinctively I held my hands down to cushion my belly and now I could smell the dog and hear him at my hip. My brain ran out all the possibilities, premature birth, loosing the baby, tetantus injections... the works. And then like a miracle I felt the dog being literally pulled away and 2 arms helping me up.
Finally I thought, hubby managed to jump up and come to my rescue. But I was wrong. It was my landlady's son. He had run out after his dog and literally pulled him away from me - considering how big and strong German Shepards can be, it was quite a deed. He was all apologies, he literally dropped on his knees to see if I had bruises or cuts or if the baby was fine. Now, hubby arrives. He had remained rooted to the spot - where we were when we were faced by the dog.
I was way too relieved with the outcome to get mad at hubby. But since then I have often ribbed, taunted and jibed at hubby - why didnt he come to my rescue? How come the man who was further away from him managed to bound upstairs and literally saved my baby? And I dont even want to think about what would have happened, if landlady's son hadnt come when he did.

To date, I can remember, the clothes I was wearing, hubby was wearing, landlady's son's face, the dog's eyes, his breath and the way I counted sonny's movements for hours after that.

Hands down scariest moment ever!

Goofiest Moment:
I was applying lipstick, a few weeks ago, in front of the mirror. Now sonny likes to stand and watch mommy dress up. So I open my lips in a O and trace the stick over my lips. I look into the mirror at sonny - and there he is with his mouth in a big O and curling his lips, like I am curling mine.
I just cudnt control myself -and I burst out laughing. Sonny sees mommy tittering away, realises the joke is on him and turns bright red before running away.

Most Embarrassing Moment:
I usually change in sonny's presence - with my back to him. So one day, while changing, I reached out for an inner garment. My hands couldnt find it. so I groped some more. Turned around -to see - sonny holding out the exact inner wear that I had been looking for.
Pact made with self - will change in the bathroom, hereon.

Heart Swelled with Pride Moment:
When we do our groceries for the week, hubby hauls up the stuff to the house door. Then I take the stuff to the kitchen, one by one to put it away. One day, hubby got the stuff indoors and went to relax (man's work done! - needs to relax) in front of the TV. Sonny was observing me take in bag by bag to the kitchen. Next thing I know, sonny's grabbed a huge bag of veggies and is determinedly pulling it towards the kitchen. And he was all of 18 months then. Awwww... I said - finally a man in the house!!!

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At 3:07 AM, Anonymous aargee said...

That was a nice post..and I kept thinking of such similar moments with me. And sonny pulling the bag for you, you really need to be proud :)How much he loves you :)

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Usha said...

lovely post - you recaptured every moment so well I could feel those exact emotions!

At 2:46 PM, Blogger DotMom said...

oh my god.. i tripped and fell twice during my pregnancy. you indeed are raising a true lil gentleman who helps with grocery bags.. :)

At 3:44 AM, Blogger Just Like That said...

Oh STS, your scare was communicated perfectly! Why are you scared of dogs, btw? Did you have a bad experience prior to this? This was scary, tho' U running up the stairs and tripping.. Phew!

Sonny is a sweet, perfect gentleman- helping you with the veggies and inner garments!! LOL!

At 10:14 AM, Blogger timepass said...

So sweet of ur son to help u with the grocery bags..

At 12:51 PM, Blogger WhatsInAName said...

Shake hands, please! I am scared of dogs as well :( but yours was a bad experience indeed!

hehehe at the embarrasing one :) I stopped changing in front of my girls too... when I felt I was making them shameless :(

And yes, your son is a chivalrous young man :)

At 12:21 AM, Blogger Moppet's Mom said...

Some moments are just seared into one's memory. Lovely post!

At 1:33 PM, Blogger Kodi's Mom said...

tag! silly names of Sonny, pls!


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